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Energy Efficiency
Versico: Versico’s white and tan VersiWeld TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR® qualified, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certified and Title 24 approved right out of the package. Versico’s white TPO membrane features an initial ENERGY STAR and CRRC solar reflectance of 0.79, thermal emissivity of 0.90 and an SRI (Solar Refl ective Index) of 99. Plus every white TPO membrane comes with a 10-year reflectivity warranty.

Return on Investment:
Versico: Versico’s TPO formulation, utilizing the OctaGuard XT™ weathering package, provides a time-tested, longer-lasting TPO roofing system, with warranties up to 30 years. In warm, southern climates, building owners can save significantly on both energy and maintenance costs, while improving the overall efficiency of their facilities.

Since Versico offers Total System Warranties with terms up to 30 years that cover both material and workmanship, building owners can rest assured that their facilities will have outstanding protection. Additional coverage can be provided for hail, accidental puncture and extended wind speeds.

Weathering Package:
Xenon arc and long-term heat aging tests show that Versico TPO membrane exceeds the highest standards in the industry. Every TPO
membrane is enhanced with the OctaGuard XT Weathering Package, a unique eight component blend of antioxidants, UV absorbers, and light and heat stabilizers. These ingredients combine to provide Versico’s TPO with some of the most dependable, long-term performance characteristics on the market.

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