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Today’s commercial roofing offers extraordinary opportunities to be on the forefront of tomorrow’s building initiatives. This is a position quite familiar to Johns Manville. Now, as owners and specifiers demand not only top-quality installation and performance, but increasingly are looking for new, cost-effective alternatives and environmentally smart solutions, they continue to look to JM.

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When you specify a commercial roof from JM, you get far more than just superior systems and products. We complement the roofing investment with a variety of unique programs that bring added value to product information, installation and long-term performance of your roof.

Johns Manville Modified Bitumens:

Johns Manville has been producing quality SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) products since 1986. SBS products are comprised of a reinforcement of either fiber glass, polyester or a combination of both. SBS is a rubberized modifier that increases the overall performance of the sheet by providing superior elongation and recovery characteristics. SBS modifiers extend the service range of the product so it can be handled in cooler temperatures without cracking or shattering, or in warmer temperatures without softening to the point where it begins to flow. In all instances, high performance prevails. SBS Products Reinforcements play a key role in performance. Since the inception of modified bitumen products, several reinforcements have entered into the JM SBS line, each targeting specific performance needs. Fiber glass reinforcements offer tensile strength and dimensional stability required for rooftops with heavy traffic areas.

Like our SBS products, our APP modified bitumen products provide high-tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility. However, through the scientifically advanced formulation, our APP membranes (coated with a proprietary blend of asphalt and atactic polypropylene) are more compatible with heat-welding application methods. With APP, hot mopping is no longer necessary because the bottom coating may be heated to a point where it acts as its own adhesive, bonding the sheet to a substrate and bonding the overlapping edges. While all our APP membranes are designed to be heat welded, some may also be applied in cold adhesive. These products have a sand backing in lieu of the burn-off film often found on the heat-welded products.

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